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About Us

About Us

The Company

Our aim is to help our clients do business better. We believe that our range of loyal clients provides evidence of our expertise and approach. We help businesses transition from legacy systems to current, sophisticated and empowering technologies. The partnerships with our clients are underpinned by decency, honesty and integrity and we take the time to really understand your needs and goals, however complex the project.



Knowledge & Teamwork


Our team is built of years of experience within the technology industry. In the past, we have cultivated relationships with partners to help deliver solutions to national and international organisations. Our partners include BT, Cisco, Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco Meraki and other industry leaders.  We are continually learning, and we constantly look to our network and hardware suppliers to ensure we provide the best the industry has to offer. As a result, our knowledge is second to none in terms of specifying, implementing and supporting our solutions.




Our relationships with universities, car retailers, government agencies and financial institutions means that we have implemented and supported a wide variety of solutions:

·        Managing Wi-Fi and Internet access in student accommodation;

·        Networks and secure communications for over 2000 ATMs;

·        Telephony support at over 60 motor vehicle dealerships;

·        Inter-site connectivity and telephony for a leading London university;

·        Call Centre technology handling over 8000 calls a day.

Our experience with big projects only eases our handling of smaller solutions. Most of our clients are Midlands based companies that wish to develop their use of technology. Whether your company is a start-up of just a few people, or need to communicate extensively across multiple sites, we have the skill and expertise to support you.





Our approach to new clients is open and pragmatic. We want to know about you, your business and your aspirations and we then tailor our services to support you. With an individualised approach to your business, we aim to help you develop and support your IT requirements. 


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