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Gigaset IP Telephony Handsets: Gigaset SL750H Handset

Micro in size, gigantic in business communication.
The SL750H PRO isn‘t simply smaller - it‘s better in every way. The first thing you notice when you hold the handset is how great it feels in your hand; wider, significantly thinner and more elegant. The handset is loaded with Gigaset pro‘s business features enriched with Bluetooth, vibrate and audio profiles. This adapts the phone to fit to your personal needs in specific situations.
The micro-usb port prepares the SL750H PRO for future software updates to support Gigaset pro DECT networks. This makes the handset fit perfectly to the N720 IP Multicell and N510 IP Singlecell systems from Gigaset pro. Likewise it can also be connected to other GAP compatible base stations in both single- and multicell environments.
With a smooth, high-quality polymer surface that seamlessly meets the new 2.4“ display, the handset is scratch- and disinfectant resistant. It‘s one continuous form where hardware and software are in perfect balance, creating a new generation of the SL-class that‘s better by any measure.
Costs:  One Off Price: £74.95

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