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Hosted Telephone Number Services

The very first question we always get asked is; 'can we keep our current telephone numbers'. The answer is yes, we can 'port in' numbers from legacy services such as ISDN. It's a process we are a very familiar with now.
Not only can you port in current numbers, you are no longer restricted by the traditional boundaries of regional numbers, so if you move office at some time in the future, it's very easy to continue using the same numbers your customers and suppliers have known for years.
The Uboss portal makes it easy for you to control what numbers are answered where, and it also provides a far superior way of handling any crisis or business continuity issues if the need arises.

New Telephone Number
One Off Price: £0.99
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Single Number Import
One Off Price: £14.99
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Multiple Number Import
One Off Price: £69.99
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DDI Number Import (Block of 10)
One Off Price: £69.99
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DDI Number Import (Block of 100)
One Off Price: £149.99
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