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<h1>John van Geest centre opening for tours</h1>

John van Geest centre opening for tours

One of Mason Infotech’s charity partners the John van Geest cancer research centre, based at Nottingham Trent University, is offering tours of its centre over the summer in preparation for a fundraising event in September, coinciding with Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. The tours of the centre will take place on Wednesday 4th July, Wednesday 1st August, and Wednesday 5th September, in preparation for the fundraising event on Wednesday 26th September on NTU City Campus.

The John van Geest centre is a cancer research centre that aims to save lives and improve recovery speeds by improving early diagnoses and treatments of cancer. The centre was opened in 2010 on NTU’s Clifton Campus, which enabled for research to both improve diagnoses and treatment of breast and prostate cancers, and conduct research into vaccines and immunotherapies. 100% of donations to the centre are directed towards their research, which is one of the reasons Mason Infotech chose to partner with the centre.

At Mason Infotech, we feel strongly about the work research centres like the John van Geest do. That’s why we formed a relationship with them, and last season donated our corporate table at NRFC to the centre, enabling them to raise awareness of their research and build a network of corporate sponsors.

For more information about the John van Geest centre and their crucial research work, visit

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