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Local Area Network Services

Local Area Network Services
Local Area Networks (LAN) are the foundation and transport system for all of your voice, video and data applications running throughout your premises, connecting to centralised services and the internet. Problems at the network level can have a significant impact on the security and integrity of company information as well as creating a poor end user experience.

With the network management tools and the powerful Cisco Meraki dashboard service we are able to identify and manage potential problems before they have an impact on business.

The sections below will help you specify the hardware requirements you will need for your solution. However, this is the one area where we need to come to you and take a look around the premises to determine the requirements for cabling and, if required, Wi-Fi services. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further advice or if you would like to arrange a no obligation site survey to help specify your requirements.
The case study below provides a fantastic insight into  how the Cisco Meraki cloud based network management dashboard helped with implementation and management of a cloud based infrastructure solution.

Cisco Meraki Go
Cisco Meraki Go
Meraki Go is WiFi built for businesses. Add multiple WiFi networks for different audiences, set usage limits to prevent bandwidth overuse, and secure your network with website blocks. Each access point requires a Go subscription, which provides a 1-year hardware warranty, security updates, and in-ap

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