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IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Your Office Network or 'Local Area Network' (LAN) is perhaps the most important foundation supporting your IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure. The LAN is the network (wired and wireless) that interconnects all the devices in your office.

The core components of the 'LAN' include cabling (Cat5 and Cat6 being the most common standard), Wi-Fi access points and 'switches'. All of these components are key to providing a backbone network that offers resilience, speed and manageability.

As we introduce Unified Communications and cloud based services into our businesses we are placing even more emphasis on the need to be able to effectively manage the performance of the network and control how the traffic is distributed across the network.

We've worked with Cisco, Cisco Meraki, Avaya and other vendors to implement and manage office networks for many of our clients. If you know what you are looking for please use the local area network pages to help build your solution. If you need a little help please call or email. We can help you build your solution on line and help you understand what is best for you and your business.

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