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Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) delivers cost savings, improves collaboration, facilitates business continuity, and simplifies business administration.
UC is the telecoms industry's umbrella term to describe the use of IP to deliver integrated communication services. Instant messaging, audio, video, web conferencing and presence information can now all be bundled into one solution, and it's changing the way we work. 
 Many traditional telephone systems support UC solutions, but it's also a big part of 'hosted telephony,' or cloud-based telecoms systems that use IP Voice technology that are emerging on to the market. Either way, your UC solution can be built on existing, traditional, telephony features. Adding more advanced features is simply a question of acquiring the appropriate licenses at the right time. 
When it comes to choosing which solution you need, there is no right or wrong, whether you opt for more traditional premises-based systems or solutions that use cloud based, VOIP technology. What's important is choosing what's right for your business, and that's where Mason Infotech comes in. Mason Infotech have been an Avaya partner for many years, and our new relationship with Broadsoft allows us to offer a wide range of telecoms solutions - both traditional and cloud based. 
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